Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.

Matthew 11:28

At Brook Highland Community Church we don’t talk a lot about community, diversity, intergenerationality, and intentional Christian living. We live these things as the result of following Jesus. The love, the warmth and the welcome you will feel here are not the results of programs or practice. They are the attributes of a Person, Jesus Christ. Our source and our goal are one and the same, Jesus Christ. We want to know Him better, through the study of the Bible. We want to follow Him more closely by the help of His Spirit. We learn from each other, we lean on each other, and we love each other, because we are in this together. The only thing that might be missing is you!!  Come a be a part of what God is doing!

We welcome you to join us on Sunday mornings at 9:30 for Sunday School and 10:45 for Sunday Morning Worship.

We hope to see you soon!